Guy Savoy,Paris


It's been a while i haven't been at Guy Savoy  and I've almost forgot how brilliant this chef's cooking is . For me,the food at Guy Savoy   represents the true 3 Michelin stars cusine. You are impressed by the forms, the textures and the presentation, but finally what amazes you most, is the perfection of the flavors. The art at Guy Savoy restaurant is not only on the plates but also around you.  Part of  the chef's  philosophy is that the environment where you have your meal is as important as the meal itself. African statuettes, contemporary artists paintings, wood colours and toned down lighting makes the dining rooms modern yet cosy. It's old news, but this year  Guy Savoy is moving to Hotel de la Monnaie on the Left bank. I can only imagine how visually impressive the place will be.


Painting by Fabrice Hybert

"Colours, Textures and Flavors " menu ( because of the bad light the pictures didn't turn out that well unfortunately)


"Iced poached oysters served in seawater jelly". Iodic and fresh -if  you like oysters, you will be in paradise.



" "Raw-cooked" ("cruit")  Breton lobster in cold steam"   Lobster tartare cooked in lobster vinaigraitte,lobster carpaccio,crisp lobster coral pancake,all seasoned with lobster vinaigrette… I thought it was  a very unique dish. A mixture of sweet, acid, crunchy…



"Sea bass with grilled scales and sweet spices"  You were supposed to eat the  skin (which was with it's scales).The dish was served with mushrooms and fish stock infused with vanilla and sweet spices. The skin was very crispy while the fish was moist and tender.



"Colours of caviar " Caviar cream, caviar vinaigrette and green bean purée with Sevruga and Imperial Oscietre caviar,hot sabayon with Sevruga caviar…  The acidity from the vinaigrette,almost like umami taste from the green beans purée , the warm sabayon later poured over the upper layer…  An incredible mixture  of tastes,textures and temperatures.



"Foie gras and radish" Escalope of duck foie gras ,pan- fried and then steamed-baked with pink radishes. The sweetness of foie gras went very well with the acidity from radish broth.



"Artichoke and black truffle soup,layered brioche with mushrooms and truffles"  The big classics by Guy Savoy- warm artichoke soup with black truffles and parmesan shavings accompanied with a warm brioche.



"Truffle lentils and calf sweetbreads in a pastry covered pot" . Needless to say, it was not an ordinary petit salé. The lentiles were infused with black truffles and mixed with their shavings. The sweetbread were melting in your mouth.



 "Orange and black" Large tender carrots in butter,with a bed of spinach,pan-friend chanterelle mushrooms and coarse-ground black pepper


Matured cheeses



"Multi – coloured" Dark chocolate orb garnished with finely diced aloe vera and mango,then a banana and passion fruit sorbet. Hot mango coulis is poured on the top to open the exotic orb.



The wines…






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  • Lina

    The Guy Savoy degustation gourmet menu is really a “feast of senses”. Besides the dishes you mentioned, the extras such as amuse-bouche, macarons, sorbets, tiny muffins and diverse cholocates make the experiense even more exquisite. One has to taste everything even if there is no space anymore…

  • Nice, we went there last week and had a totally different meal. I still have to write a review. What a jawdropping sight!

  • Looking forward for your post, Mr Lung!

  • I quite agree that Savoy still represents some kind of platonic ideal of the Parisian 3-star. And what’s really amazing is that his standard has not slipped over the years. He is getting on a bit now. It’s not the biggest firework display in the gastronomic world these days, but everything just works so damned well, doesn’t it – flavours, textures, colours.

  • “It’s not the biggest firework display in the gastronomic world these days, but everything just works so damned well, doesn’t it – flavours, textures, colours. ”
    Couldn’t say better!

  • had a very similar menu at the Singapore branch. (see my post
    The executive chef came from Las Vegas, and the maitre’d came from Paris. Presentation seems better in Paris. But i was also very impressed with the cooking– sophisticated but defined flavours. Modern with classic touch. The only downside to my meal was that it was a little ‘too heavy’ with truffle, cheese, foie gras, sweetbread, pasta. And the final dessert was an ordinary piece of chocolate cake–too simple , wouldn’t you say?

  • The menu i had was very light, one of the lightest menu i’ve had at a 3 Michelin stars restaurant.. My dessert was quite interesting also- a chocolate sphere with hot mango coulis…