Warming up at the kitchen of Sa Nansa

Warming up at the kitchen of Sa Nansa

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  • kema_foodculture


  • salemudhaf

    @luxeat yume!!!!

  • jokuti

    At least you don’t talk about the weather! :)

  • wineamateur

    Now you made me hungry!!!

  • adrienfoodinparis

    I can almost smell it !

  • luxeat

    @jokuti It’s 6 degrees here!

  • jokuti

    Oh i was hoping it’s nice late summer weather!

  • davidblaytapia

    If you come to Valencia we can walk you to the beach and tou will taste red rice

  • luxeat

    @davidblaytapia La Rosa? :)

  • luxeat

    @jokuti Last week it was 26 degrees they say.

  • davidblaytapia

    It is really close of La Rosa. The name is Restaurante Azahar

  • akiraakuto

    Damnnnnn jealous :)

  • idasundells

    @ninjattackjack @carinnettelbladt och Anders som har insta men inte sagt sitt namn. Lördag!🍤

  • carinnettelbladt