Luxeat picture of the day: at Kikunoi


Beautiful food at Kyoto’s Kikunoi…  P.S. Longer posts will be resumed soon!

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  • Sorry for the repost as I didn’t want to link my facebook account.

    Can’t wait to see the full review after watching “The Mind of a
    Chef” Japan episode as David Chang dines as Kikunoi. A blogger you should definitely take a look at is as
    he covers the US, Japan, and I think even Europe as he’s rising in
    popularity due to his influence on Instagram. Great blog by they way as I
    look forward to dining at some restaurants after reading your blog such
    as Sushi Kanesaka and Ryugin in Tokyo. One restaurant I’ve also wanted
    to go to after dining at his Tokyo and Las Vegas locations, Pierre
    Gagnaire in Paris. Take care and
    please keep it up 🙂

    • luxeat

      Thank your message and the info :)Darin’s blog looks great. David Chang dining in Kikinoi must be especially interesting, knowing that Yoshihiro Murata and Chang truly believe in what they are doing, yet their cooking styles are quite different.Thank your message and the link 😉