Aug 11, '17

La Maison des Bois by Marc Veyrat

Marc Veyrat is a legend in the world of gastronomy. He started foraging wild plants and cooking with them many years before it became fashionable and got popularized by Scandinavian chefs. At one point, he had 6 Michelin stars and was the first chef ever to receive 20/20 Gault-Millau rating. I remember my first time at La Maison de Marc Veyrat in Veyrier-du-Lac fondly. His cooking was like a breath of fresh air,so different from other fine dining restaurants in France. Due to health reasons, he gave away his Michelin stars in 2009 and pursued new ventures such as organic “fast-food” chain. His current fine dining restaurant, La Maison des Bois burned down in 2015 and only reopened last November.

He continues the tradition of using local ingredients and wild herbs. Some of the dishes, like the pan fried foie gras were technically perfect and very enjoyable, some- like, tartifle with smoked trout,disappointing, considering that the only available evening tasting menu “La Grande Fête dans les Étoiles” costs 395 euros (without wine). Personally, dining once at La Maison des Bois was enough for me (unless they have a new sous chef with fresh ideas), but have a look at the pictures and decide for yourself.

La Maison des Bois

Chemin Rural de Manigod au Col de la Croix Fry
74230 Manigod, France
Tel. +33 4 50 60 00 00

Pam fried oie gras with myrrh of Merdassier, dome of cold terrine, chutney of figs
“Where is this fried egg?”
Flowers and wild vegetables,collected around La Maison des Bois
Smoked tartifle with lovage  from the mountains and thyme infused wild trout
Fake caviar of Leman Lake, quivering jelly, coltsfoot cream
Trout from Leman Lake with white butter
Grilled scampi on the rock of the Fier River, wild meadowsweets
Tartiflette from the 21st century
Virtual Plate
Virtual Plate
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