Speaking of über ingredients, these green peas were served at the Foodies documentary reception at Maria Cristina hotel, organized by Jon Warren from San Sebastian gourmet tours. When someone says “you must try those peas”(not Iberico ham or other gourmet food, served at the cocktail), you better do.  Think of the freshest peas you’ve ever had in your life and multiply their flavor intensity by 100.  This is how guisante lágrima peas taste. The peas are grown at Jaime Burgana’s  farm and can cost up to  800 euros per kilo. A price only top San Sebastian chefs can afford.



Ibai (Calle de Getaria, 15, 20005 San Sebastián,Spain; tel. +34 943 42 87 64 ) is one of those little known, “gem” restaurants, foodies dream to discover one day. With no Michelin stars and hard to book, Ibai is considered by some, as one the best, if not the best restaurant in Spain. The simple and casual basement restaurant is specializing in über ingredients, with sole being one of them. I’ve never had sole this thick and this big. It was simply grilled and served with butter sauce. A perfection.



Perm Paitawyat, Basque culinary center director Joxe Mari Aizega, Andy Hayler, Aiste Miseviciute,Katie Keiko Tam, Steve Plotnicki

So the official Foodies documentary screening took place two days ago at San Sebastian film festival. Despite meeting each other individually, it was the first time we met in person all together. The movie premiere went really well – all the three screenings, which were part of Culinary Zinema section, were sold out.

What do I think of the movie? First of all, it was very strange to see myself on the big screen. Especially that it’s your real life ( friends, parents, etc) that was being shown. Despite of not agreeing with some of the aesthetic choices by the film makers, I think the documentary is very enjoyable. It is not only exploring the so called foodies phenomena. It looks into the whole picture of the gastronomy universe and how it is adapting to the new world of social media and technology.


With film makers Thomas Jackson, Charlotte Landelius and Henrik Stockare



Just arrived to San Sebastian film festival to attend the official Foodies documentary screening this evening. I am trying to squeeze in some meals during the very short time I am here and yesterday’s visit to Kaia Kaipe was more than worth the thirty minutes drive from San Sebastian. It is the sister (or rather, “brother” as both restaurants are owned by two brothers) restaurant of Elkano, famous for it’s superb turbot. Like expected, the simply grilled turbot was surreal and probably the best I’ve ever had. The family also owns one of the most amazing wine cellars in the world. The 40 000 very reasonably priced vintages are stored not in one, but in two cellars nearby.





New high end sushi- ya in Paris by 3 Michelin star chef from Tokyo Toru Okuda.