Sea bass with black summer truffles, zucchini,cucumber, basil,coriander and lemon

Sea bass with black summer truffles, zucchini,cucumber, basil,coriander and lemon

Gerald Passédat comes from old restaurateurs family in Marseille. His 3 Michelin starred restaurant Le Petit Nice Passédat has been frequented by seafood fanatics for decades and has become a symbol of high end Marseillaise cuisine. Of course, there you will find the famous bouillabaisse, fish stew once eaten by poor fishermen, but what I like most at Le Petit Nice Passédat is the variety of Mediterranean fish used and the exquisite way it is prepared. I haven’t had such wonderful bonito sashimi since the last time I visited Japan.   The sea bass cooked according to Gerald’s grandmother Lucie recipe was delicate and juicy, so as the sea bream with fennel juice and tarragon. Click on “continue reading” to sea the full meal.

Carmen and Jocelyne

Madame Carmen and Jocelyne

Summer is not really the season to make cheeses with black truffles, but one shop in Saint Tropez does it right no matter if it’s hot or cold outside. The tiny fromagerie behind the fish market produces one of the best brie cheeses with black truffles I’ve ever had and is a must go for any cheese lover.

Fromagerie du Marché  7 Place aux Herbes, 83990 Saint-Tropez , tel. +33 4 94 97 09 81




A lazy summer lunch on the French riviera isn’t quite complete without a glass (or,usually, more) of cold rosé wine. Var region is especially famous for rosé wines and my latest coup de coeur comes from Château Barbeyrolles, organic vineyard located near Gassin village. The estate is owned my madame Régine Sumeire, who passionately assures the continuity of the work started by her grandfather Gabriel Sumeire. With it’s harmonious fruity and floral notes, Château Barbeyrolles “Pétale de Rose” clearly stands out from the rest of the rosé wines I’ve tasted (which are often quite boring). 15 euros a bottle if you buy it directly from the producer. Highly recommended.

Régine Sumeire at her estate

Régine Sumeire at her estate


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I am very excited to announce that the international premiere of the Foodies documentary will take place in San Sebastian film festival on the 22nd of September. The documentary will be shown among other food related movies such as The Hundred foot journey starring Helen Mirren or Finding Gaston, a film about Peruvian chef Gaston Acurio. All the “Culinary Zinema 2014 ” selection can be viewed here.


An homage to Jean-Louis Nomicos, the chef who created this dish. Zitone pasta with foie gras and truffles, violet artichokes and basil.

36 year old Arnaud Donckele is one of the youngest chefs to receive three Michelin stars.(at 35) After making a few stops at France’s best restaurants like Michel Guérard’s, Louis XV and Lasserre, the Normandy native has finally settled down at Résidence de La Pinède in Saint Tropez. The classic and serene hotel is antithesis to the general mood of this legendary holiday spot, where champagne is sprayed as often as it is drunk.