Each time I go to Hedone (1*) each time I feel that it’s getting better and better.  I don’t know how far a chef can go in search for perfection, but Hedone’s chef Mikael Jonsson is not far from it.

Pictures from my recent meal after the jump…






This kind of bento box is available for lunch at Joël Robuchon’s Japanese restaurant Yoshi (at hotel Metropole in Monaco). The executive chef Takeo Yamazaki used to work at Robuchon in Tokyo. Oishii Yoshi!

Shake Shack




Shake Shack in London’s Covent Garden works on the same principal as the flagship stand in Manhattan. You queue the line, get the buzzer and then wait until it rings as soon as your food is ready. Unfortunately, my experience at Shake Shack London was not much better than in NY few years ago. Despite of the nice and fresh salad, the beef patty and the bun were dry, chewy and tasteless… Is it that complicated to outsource better products nowadays?





Not your everyday dim sum at A. Wong in London, whose chef Andrew revisits and modernizes traditional regional Chinese recipes. Pork buns with a sugar coating deserve a special mentioning. (and some desserts, such as “coconut ice cream with glutinous dumpling,apple, pandan jelly and peanut cream” …) Besides of the dim sum served at lunch, more elaborate dishes are available.


A. Wong : 70 Wilton Rd, Victoria, London SW1V 1DE ;tel. +44 20 7828 8931



Eggplant caviar with raw spring vegetables



Eggplant caviar with raw spring vegetables at Joël Robuchon – Hôtel Metropole Monte-Carlo, in my opinion, the best Robuchon in Europe thanks to the executive chef Christophe Cussac.

It’s amazing how much the quality of a restaurant will depend on an executive chef when Michelin starred “chains” like Robuchon or Alain Ducasse are concerned.