Caught in the morning, delicate, sweet, red prawns from Soller; briefly cooked in high temperature oven with local olive oil and sea salt. Very similar to prawns served at Quique Dacosta in Denia. Must be the same or similar species.


El Olivo restaurant, Belmond La Residencia hotel :  Carrer son Canals, 07179 Deià, Palma de Mallorca, Spain;tel. +34 971 63 90 11



Rice with lobster at Ex Xarcu  (Cala Porroig, Sant Josep, 07839 Ibiza,Spain; tel. +34971 18 78 67 ).

Scraping the burnt and crispy rice from the edges of the pan is an important part of the whole pleasure. Some of the most memorable gastronomic experiences in my life have nothing to do with Michelin stars and dining on a beach at Es Xarcu is definitely one of those experiences.



Sushi gods have have been particularly gracious to the Parisians recently. We have 3 Michelin star chef from Tokyo Toru Okuda, who last autumn opened a kaiseki restaurant near Champs Elysees (the omakase meal also includes a sushi course), we have Jin, high end sushi shop run by a young chef from Sapporo Takuya Watanabe, and just one and a half month ago, Ginza Onodera (18 Rue du Louvre, 75001 Paris,tel. +33 1 40 20 09 30 ), another quality sushi-ya has been opened in Paris.

Sea bass with black summer truffles, zucchini,cucumber, basil,coriander and lemon

Sea bass with black summer truffles, zucchini,cucumber, basil,coriander and lemon

Gerald Passédat comes from old restaurateurs family in Marseille. His 3 Michelin starred restaurant Le Petit Nice Passédat has been frequented by seafood fanatics for decades and has become a symbol of high end Marseillaise cuisine. Of course, there you will find the famous bouillabaisse, fish stew once eaten by poor fishermen, but what I like most at Le Petit Nice Passédat is the variety of Mediterranean fish used and the exquisite way it is prepared. I haven’t had such wonderful bonito sashimi since the last time I visited Japan.   The sea bass cooked according to Gerald’s grandmother Lucie recipe was delicate and juicy, so as the sea bream with fennel juice and tarragon. Click on “continue reading” to sea the full meal.

Carmen and Jocelyne

Madame Carmen and Jocelyne

Summer is not really the season to make cheeses with black truffles, but one shop in Saint Tropez does it right no matter if it’s hot or cold outside. The tiny fromagerie behind the fish market produces one of the best brie cheeses with black truffles I’ve ever had and is a must go for any cheese lover.

Fromagerie du Marché  7 Place aux Herbes, 83990 Saint-Tropez , tel. +33 4 94 97 09 81