Rice point of view

9th EDITION May 3, '21

An interview with Francesca Bray, who has spent many decades researching the global importance of rice. Beyond the methods of cultivation, Francesca is continually fascinated by the part rice plays in politics and trade networks, modern society and human civilisation.

Rice has a place in the fine dining world, everywhere from Bangkok to London, Mumbai to Tokyo. Here, we talk to renowned chefs who take inspiration from a huge variety of different of cuisines from around the world.

Doburoku. Normally a traditional homemade drink, doburoku has a long history dating back centuries.

An interview with Kayama San, who comes from five generations of ancestral Japanese rice farmers in Northern Kyoto.

Coming in 2021

Gastronomy is both an art form and a reflection of our civilization and cultural backgrounds. I have discovered that behind every ingredient, every dish, every restaurant, there is a fascinating story, an exciting personal quest.

Aistė Misevičiūtė
Aistė Misevičiūtė - Luxeat

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