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12th EDITION Nov 21, '21

When thinking about the world’s most luxurious and sought-after products, Iberico Ham must surely come close to the top of the list. We have the pleasure of speaking with Ricardo Sanchez, who is gradually taking over the family business from his father Arturo.

Salty and packed with umami, these tiny fish add an intense meatiness to a variety of dishes. To taste a truly exquisite anchovy though makes the supermarket equivalent pale into insignificance.

By Pascale Migozzi. Oliu Di E SERRE is the name of my olive oil. Before telling you more about it, I will go back in time to tell you my story, because there are no new adventures without big changes.

The spanish coast has a long tradition of canning sardines, and the quality of these salty little parcels of joy can vary hugely. We sat down to talk to Francisco Lafuente, who is the fourth generation of the family to run the artisanal business.

Coming in 2021

Gastronomy is both an art form and a reflection of our civilization and cultural backgrounds. I have discovered that behind every ingredient, every dish, every restaurant, there is a fascinating story, an exciting personal quest.

Aistė Misevičiūtė
Aistė Misevičiūtė - Luxeat

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