Endless Italy

8th EDITION Mar 27, '21

To summarise all of Italy’s endless produce would take many volumes, but to get an impression of our most precious and unknown ingredients we’ve asked some of the country’s top chefs to talk to us freely about biodiversity.

What food meant to Erri de Luca growing up in Naples and now, take note of his poetic recipe for Parmigiana di Melanzane, imagining the atmosphere of this grandmother’s kitchen.

Carving the Divine

Carving the Divine

In Japan, the masters responsible for carving statues depicting buddhas and bodhisattvas are called Busshi. Through his documentary Carving the Divine, Yujiro Seki, a Japanese-born filmmaker, provides a deep dive into the lives of Busshi in contemporary Japan. Offering a rare and intimate look into the life and artistic process of…


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Gastronomy is both an art form and a reflection of our civilization and cultural backgrounds. I have discovered that behind every ingredient, every dish, every restaurant, there is a fascinating story, an exciting personal quest.

Aistė Misevičiūtė
Aistė Misevičiūtė - Luxeat