When I started my blog in 2004, I had no idea that gastronomy would some day become my passion.

At that time, I was working as a fashion model in New York, and for me blogging was a fun and practical way of sharing my personal and professional experiences with my European friends and relatives. I was born and raised in Lithuania, by the way.

The kind of experience I most liked to write about, I soon realized, was my culinary ones. The catch line of my very first blog was Who said that models don’t eat? Outside the fashion industry, most people believed that models did not eat anything else than lettuce and arugula! But I was proving otherwise, as it turned out. And what had simply been an enjoyable pastime at the outset developed into a strong appetite for knowledge and taste.

In my view, gastronomy is both an art form and a reflection of our civilization and cultural backgrounds. I have discovered that behind every ingredient, every dish, every restaurant, there is always a fascinating story, an exciting personal quest. And this is precisely what I am trying to do with this blog: share with you the countless stories of the chefs, cooks and other food magicians who, all over the world, bring joy not only to our stomachs but also to our souls.

Aiste Miseviciute

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