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“I’ve always been attracted to heightened sensory experiences, transient beauty, based on timeless tradition.

Rich in context, aesthetic and refined through a precise combination of artisanal skill and frontier-pushing innovation, gastronomy is my obsession.”

Lithuanian ex-supermodel and world-food ambassador, Aiste Miseviciute’s first blog, dubbed Who said that models don’t eat? was created as a fun and practical way of sharing her personal and professional experiences with European friends and relatives. Over the years, this food-focused platform has grown into an international culinary hub, Luxeat.

In large part, her cross-cultural culinary expertise has been honed thanks to her relentless quest to promote and bring a deeper understanding of authentic Japanese gastronomic culture throughout Europe. With a close network of top Japanese chefs, she has established an extensive network of expert foodies from around the globe, each expert in dining in their cities and elsewhere.

In addition to exploring and critiquing the world’s best restaurants and meals experiences on Luxeat, good-food champion Aiste organizes exceptional culinary events throughout Europe.

“Gastronomy is both an art form, a reflection of our civilization, and our cultural backgrounds. I have discovered that behind every ingredient, every dish, every restaurant, there is always a fascinating story, an exciting personal quest. And this is precisely what I am trying to do with Luxeat: provide exceptional dining experiences, by organizing unique events, recommending my favorite restaurants and sharing the stories of the chefs, cooks and other food magicians who bring joy not only to our tables but also to our souls.”

Aiste Miseviciute
Evelina Gasiunaite

Evelina Gasiunaite

Business school graduate, Evelina's interest in gastronomy started relatively recently. During several years spent in Asian countries working for different organizations, Evelina had a chance to have a closer look at “natural” food growing locations, like rice planting, harvesting jungle fruit, picking fresh oysters or rolling cinnamon. From there, she started to be more interested in ingredients and authentic ethnic cuisines.

The collaboration with Luxeat, partnerships, events, preparation of editorial content and web support has opened a new scope of gastronomy that deeply fascinates her.

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