Foodies documentary trailer

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“Foodies” documentary trailer. Directed by Thomas Jackson, Charlotte Landelius & Henrik Stockare, distributed by the same company who is behind Jiro Dreams of Sushi ,Food Inc and Super Size Me. Out in February next year and shown in cinemas around the world. Starring Andy Hayler,Katie Keiko Tam,Perm Paitayawat, Steve Plotnicki and me!

To see the trailer, please click here.

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  • Just watched the trailer. The video quality is amazing, truly immersing the viewer in your respective experiences. I’ll buy it online when it will be available. It is nice that they did not film you all just in restaurants but also went to the extent of showing what goes on outside. That’s a great movie company (also liked their other movie about Jiro).

    • luxeat

      Glad to hear nice feedback 🙂 I haven’t seen the whole movie yet, but it should be very interesting.

  • Beatrice

    I can’t wait to see this film! Have you seen it yet, Aiste?

    • luxeat

      Haven’t seen it yet, but dieing to see! They are still editing it..

  • It’s really unfortunate how some of the commenters from other sites have a negative perception of the people in the film. It’s because they don’t understand how there’s people truly passionate about traveling to different countries solely for food and dining such as Andy and yourself. If they’ve looked up Andy’s site ( and your blog, they should start to realize that the both of you have purely modest intentions as shown within the writing. Also, they don’t understand how the people in the film are simply just explaining their feelings and experiences in regards to fine dining as they’re not trying to come off as showy or bragging about their fortunes in life. I’m really excited to go see the movie once it comes out. I wish everyone one in the film the best!

    • luxeat

      Thanks for you kind words!

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