Back to the Stone Age


Bone marrow with various smoked herbs at 3 Michelin starred Le Calandre. Will post more soon… (By the way, it’s sister restaurant is opening on Paris passage des Panoramas in May.)

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  • Almas

    I don’t really have anything specific to say, but I have to state that your blog is on a roll right now. 🙂 Even though there are not so many comments I am sure many are reading it. So many great and diverse things being covered in such a concise and easily digestable manner. Oh, and it will be most interesting to read what you think about Le Calandre. I think the “new Italians” are sometimes a bit too conceptual, but there is no doubt about Alajmo’s talent and subtleness. Did you get his preserved tomatoes (after the meal)?

    • luxeat

      Hi Almas, thank you so much for your message. I am really passionate about what I am doing and such comments as yours are the biggest reward 🙂
      I got something much more calorific after the lunch from their shop- rich and really luxurious dark chocolate cake 🙂