Dec 1, '23

32 best ingredients-focused restaurants in Spain by Matoses

32 best ingredients-focused restaurants in Spain by Borja Beneyto, author of “Templos del Producto” and one of the most influential people in food industry in Spain.

Los Marinos Jose

*In no particular order.

D´Berto, Galicia – Fish & Shellfish

Río Ulla, Galicia – Fish & Shellfish

O´Pazo, Galicia – Grilled selected ingredients

Elkano, Basque Country – Turbot & Grilled fish

Kaia-Kaipe, Basque Country – Turbot & Grilled fish

Casa Cámara, Basque Country – Fish & Shellfish

Etxebarri, Basque Country – Grilled selected ingredients

Taskas, Basque Country – Grilled fish & Shellfish

La Huertona, Asturias – Fish, meat & Baby eels

Güeyu Mar, Asturias – Fresh fish

El Balamu, Asturias – Fresh fish

El Verano, Asturias – Fish & Shellfish

Bar FM

El Hórreo, Asturias – Fish & Shellfish

Els Casals, Catalonia – Countryside meats & Poultry

Ca L´Enric, Catalonia – Woodcock & Countryside meat

Estimar, Catalonia & Madrid – Fish & Shellfish

Villa Mas, Catalonia – Fish, shellfish & own vegetable garden

Els Pescadors, Catalonia – Fish & Shellfish

Rausell, Valencian Community Selected ingredients

Bressol, Valencian Community – Selected ingredients & Fish

El Faralló, Valencian Community – Red prawn & Fish

Jaylu, Andalusia – Iberian Ham & Shellfish

Bar FM, Andalusia – Shellfish

Barrio Alto, Andalusia – Fish & Shellfish


Los Marinos, Andalusia – Fish & Shellfish

Hermanos Alba, Andalusia – Fish & Shellfish

El saladero, Andalusia – Fish & Shellfish

El Yerno, Andalusia – Fish & Shellfish

La Masía de Chencho, Murcia – Fish and local produce

Desde1911, Madrid – Fish & Shellfish

Lera, Castile and León – Countryside meats & poultry

Mannix, Castile and León – Roast suckling lamb

El Capricho, Castile and León – Selected beef meats

Sa Llagosta, Balearic Islands – Lobster

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