Apr 22, '24

9 Easy to Book Sushi-yas in Tokyo by @Nigiri.paris

Jad Ibrahim is a sushi lover from Paris, who runs @nigiri.paris one of my favourite Instagram accounts about the best sushi shops around the world he visits. Here are his favourite recent discoveries in Tokyo, which are easy and possible to book not too long in advance.

Sushi Udatsu

A small and beautiful shop located in Naka Meguro. The head chef Udatsu-san is an innovative
chef who aims at preserving tradition while pursuing his own style. He is very careful when it
comes to ingredient selection as he chooses to serve many organic products and non
endangered species. The shop itself has got a great atmosphere and the food was what you
would expect from a great sushi-ya in Japan. Finally the hospitality was wonderful, one of the
best services I had in Tokyo.

Seatings: Lunch 12:00 / Dinner 18:00 – 21:00
Closed: Public Holidays
Course: 22 courses for 22 000¥ or 25 courses for 33 000¥
Seats: 8 seats at the counter
Reservations: via Pocket Concierge

Ebisu Endo

A shop in Ebisu that has been growing more popular over the years. The head chef Endo-san worked at the famous Sushi Saito for several years before opening his own shop. He wants to push his sushi to the next level and eventually surpass his predecessors. His signature dish is his flavorful Unagi. He is one of the few chefs who uses Unagi for both tsumamis and nigiri. Quite unique and delicious. Definitely a shop I would recommend to any sushi lover.

Seatings: Lunch 12:00 / Dinner 17:30 – 20:30
Closed: Irregular
Course: around 22 courses for 38 500¥
Seats: 10 seats at the counter
Reservations: via OMAKASE

Kioi Cho Mitani Bettei

A branch shop of the famous sushi Mitani in Yotsuya. Here you can expect many delicious otsumamis (9 appetizers) before a selection of nigiri. At Kioi Cho Mitani, less is more, they only serve 10 pieces of sushi but everything is carefully selected and perfectly prepared. It feels like eating innovative kappo then traditional nigiris. Unique and delicious! The place itself is simple (maybe a bit too simple) but quite peaceful. I liked it!

Seatings: Lunch 12:00 / Dinner 18:00 – 20:30
Closed: Wednesdays
Course: around 20 courses for 35 200¥
Seats: 12 seats at the counter
Reservations: via OMAKASE / Pocket Concierge

Sushi Suzuki

A veteran with more than 25 years of experience under his belt. Sushi Suzuki in Ginza is one of Tokyo’s best sushi shops in my opinion. The quality of the shari and the wide range of fish selection could make anyone happy. The lunch menu is quite affordable and enables you to taste Suzuki-san’s nigiri. The full experience at dinner is even better but is quite pricey! In the end it doesn’t matter if you go for lunch or dinner, the nigiris are delicious!

Seatings: Lunch 12:00 – Dinner 18:00
Closed: Monday
Course: 15 courses for 25 000¥ or 25 courses for 52 000¥
Seats: 10 seats at the counter
Reservations: via JPNEazy

Takumi Sushi Owana

After training for a decade at Sushi Sho with the legendary Keiji Nakazawa, the young chef Kenji Oana opened his own shop in the district of Ebisu. In his shop you can enjoy the Sho style with Oana-san’s own twist. Appetizers and sushi one after the other. He also uses two different types of shari to make the best sushi possible. Finally, while most shops become more and more expensive, the whole course at Takumi Owana remains at 30 000¥ which is a feat in itself given the quality there.

Seatings: Dinner 17:30 – 20:30
Closed: Monday
Course: 20 courses for 27 500¥
Seats: 8 seats at the counter
Reservations: via Pocket Concierge / Tablecheck

Sushi Tsukiuda

Sushi Tsukiuda is a hidden gem located in Nakameguro. The head chef who worked at Kanesaka and other prestigious restaurants in Tokyo opened his own shop far from Ginza’s luxurious streets. The restaurant is quiet and beautiful. They offer delicious tsumamis (especially the abalone) and sushi for an affordable price. The chef is quite generous, giving rather big Tsumamis. A place where traditional sushi and Japanese hospitality will leave you with a smile on your face.

Seatings: Lunch 12:00 / Dinner 18:00 – 20:30
Closed: Irregular (only sous chef works on Monday)
Course: 20 courses for 26 400¥
Seats: 8 seats at the counter / 5 in the private room
Reservations: via Pocket Concierge

Sushi Tada

Located in Tsukiji, the former home of Tokyo’s fish market. Sushi Tada is a traditional sushi restaurant. The menu there is quite generous, offering 14 nigiris and 9 tsumamis. The meal at Tada alternates between sushi and small plates since the chef believes it is the best way to enjoy sushi. The service and hospitality were very nice and I especially liked the abalone and shrimp appetizers. Overall Tada is a great sushi shop led by a strong minded sushi chef!

Seatings: Dinner 18:00
Closed: Sunday
Course: 24 courses for 27 500¥
Seats: 8 seats at the counter
Reservations: via OMAKASE


A place that goes under the radar of many foreigners while serving some of Tokyo’s best sushi. Kizaki only serves 4 to 5 appetizers because the main focus is on nigiris. The shop offers more pieces in their menu than the usual sushi restaurants and a wide variety of neta. Last but not least they keep the price of the menu under 20 000¥. Making it the very best cost performance option for high end sushi in Tokyo!

Seatings: Lunch 12:00 / Dinner 18:00
Closed: Sunday & Monday
Course: 20 courses for 20 000¥
Seats: 9 seats at the counter
Reservations: Via OMAKASE

Takagaki no Sushi

A refined establishment that opened 6 years ago. The chef is originally from Fukuoka but in his restaurant you can enjoy delicious and traditional Edomae sushi. He pairs strong rice with well prepared netas to offer an awesome sushi experience to his guests. I truly enjoyed the precision of the cuts and seasonings there as well as the restaurant’s atmosphere. Truly a restaurant you must try if you’re looking for an authentic high end sushi experience in Tokyo!

Seatings: Dinner 18:00
Closed: Sunday
Course: 22 courses for 35 000¥
Seats: 6 seats at the counter
Reservations: via OMAKASE

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