Sep 4, '23

Auberge Tokito in Tachikawa

Upon entering Auberge Tokito in Tachikawa, just 45 minutes from Tokyo, you are transported to an exclusive and serene oasis. The stunning architecture and interior design, created by renowned Japanese architect and designer Shinichiro Ogata, offer a modern take on the traditional Japanese ryokan. In keeping with the ryokan tradition, all rooms feature an Onsen, providing guests with a truly authentic Japanese experience.

The man behind this new project and the food experience is Yoshinori Ishii, a chef extraordinaire who after more than 20 years of life outside of Japan has moved back home to open Auberge Tokito. In London, where he ran a Michelin starred kaiseki restaurant, he is known as a pioneer of Ikejime.

At Auberge Tokito, chef Yoshinori Ishii is once again innovating by revisiting and modernizing traditional Japanese kaiseki cuisine. He and his team redefine luxury with “artisan cuisine”. Just like he did in the UK, he works closely with the best artisans, producers, fishermen and hunters from around Japan. Like in traditional kaiseki, seasonality is crucial at Auberge Tokito. At his 10 seat counter Yoshinori Ishii serves perfectly fresh sea bream sashimi with fresh and frozen Hassaku citrus and herbs; “Surf&Turf”, straw flamed tuna with fond de veau and horse radish cream, or, the absolute highlight of the meal, baked “Gekkou” lily bulbs. All served in plates and bowls created by Ishii san himself in his nearby ceramic’s studio.

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