Jun 7, '06

Austrian cuisine in NY – Wallse


It’s funny because the first time I ever ate in Austrian restaurant was in New York. I have already posted about the  “Danube”  restaurant in Tribeca (on April 28th). Now its the time of Wallse, a busy one-starred place in the West Village. I don’t know if we chose the “wrong” dishes, but depending on what I had (steamed halibut with cucumbers which was …. strange by most), I would definitely suggest “Danube” if you want to taste really good Austrian food in Manhattan

Nonetheless, I am sure that I will go to “Wallse” again as I saw on the menu some great dishes like “crispy cod strudel” or “black sea bass with sugar snap peas” which I would like to try. What is more, the ambience in “Wallse” is cool, chic and relaxed.

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