Jan 6, '06

Big in New York: Japanese Restaurants

Like no other megapolis, (except Tokyo, I guess! 🙂 ) New York has really big choice of Japanese restaurants. I have never been in Masa( the price of menu $300+ is a little discouraging for raw fish), but I think there are some fantastic Japanese in NY, which are the following.

Jewel Bako (E 5th street, between 2nd and 3rd Av.). It’s true, that the sushis are like “jewels” there. The hosts (Jack and Grace Lamb) are very hospitable and I love the retro style of the restaurant.

Nobu From the two locations I like Nobu 57 (W 57 street, between 5th and 6th Av.) because of its great ambiance. In any case, I love Nobu wherever it is: uptown or downtown!

Sushi Yasuda (E 43rd steet , between 2nd and 3rd). Try the sashimi or sushi of oysters ( with salt grains).  Its exceptional.

Megu (62 Thomas street). The melting Buda, the cutting edge design… I would choose this place more for ” go out” experience than for food.

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