Feb 28, '07

Blue Ribbon Bakery


Blue Ribbon restaurants in Manhattan and Brooklyn is like a little empire. There are 5 restaurants in total : 3 American-International and two sushi. Despite the rapid expansion,  food and quality of products are the centres for this company and that is the reason why the restaurants are always full.

Blue Ribbon Bakery ‘s menu in the West Village is pretty extensive where you can find anything starting from “French onion soup” to “NY strip steak” or “Barbecue Shrimp New Orleans Style”.

Obviously, I didn’t know what to choose, so I went for the most American dish (as I am here!) – “Hamburger with cheddar cheese”. I liked it as the burger was thin and there was plenty of salad. Sometimes it’s a real pleasure to eat a good burger!

Hamburger with cheddar cheese
Hamburger with cheddar cheese
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