Mar 25, '24

Breakfast at Shiguchi,Niseko

Breakfast at Shiguchi, an enchanting hotel in Niseko, Hokkaido I had a chance to visit last November. It offers a unique breakfast experience that goes beyond the traditional categories of “Western” or “Japanese,” featuring their special rolled omelette, Tokishirazu salmon, delicious homemade bread or rice. Shiguchi embodies the traditional method of constructing Japanese buildings, including temples and kominka (‘old houses’), through a system of simple, nail-free timber joinery. The interiors, characterised by understated elegance, feature a curated blend of antique and modern ceramics, ink paintings, and sculptures sourced from Shiguchi founder, Shouya Grigg’s private collection. Shiguchi offers the perfect place to disconnect after the hustle and bustle of the city. Immerse yourself in the pristine beauty of nature, and the inspiration of curated culture. Perched on a mountain ridge within a privately owned estate, Shiguchi includes five meticulously renovated kominka, with one housing the delectable ‘Somoza’ restaurant.

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