Sep 14, '06

Craft – back to basics


I always thought that creativity is a must to be rewarded with Michelin stars, but Craft  (1 star) proves different. Here simplicity is the key. The menu is deliberately divided in such basics as “fish and shellfish”, “charcuterie”, “meat”, “salads”,”vegetables”, “mushrooms”, “grain”, etc as well as according to different ways of preparation as “raw”, “roasted”, “braised”, etc.

Like this, you have to make your own selections. Maybe the menu is
oversimplified (I had black sea bass + mixed lettuces as side dish.
The sea bass was just roasted and lettuces came with ordinary salad sauce, but all were excellent.

I loved the food, but I think it lacks personality and originality.
I think that in the long term, they can’t just play on the
“oversimplification” feature.

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