May 5, '14

Foodies documentary

Foodies Documentary

This is the poster of the documentary I am in together with Andy Hayler (the man who has been to all the 3 Michelin star restaurants in the world), bloggers extraordinaire Katie Keiko, Perm Paitawyat and Steve Plotnicki, the author of top 100 US and top 100 European best restaurants lists. The documentary storyline stretches from megacities like New York, Tokyo or Mumbai to secluded locations in Sweden, Thailand, China or Lithuania. Most of all, many world’s best chefs ( Takashi Saito, Magnus Nilsson or Elena Arzak to name just a few) as well as people passionate about the art of gastronomy are featured. (Like the book author Karla Yukari Sakamoto with whom we filmed a scene in Tokyo..)

The official release date is the 23rd of May. Will keep you posted as soon as I know more distribution details. Meanwhile, here is the trailer

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