Apr 12, '24

Four Seasons,Madrid

Standing proud on the historical yet vibrant streets of central Madrid, the Four Seasons Madrid is a beacon of modern luxury and Spain’s first and only Four Seasons Hotel. Housed within seven historic buildings have been transformed into one compelling destination and headed by the historical building that was originally constructed in 1887 as the headquarters of La Equitativa insurance company, and thus known as Palace of La Equitativa, it also headquartered the famous Spanish Credit Bank, of Banesto, from 1920 to 2004 after undergoing extensive renovations from 2013 to 2019 it opened as a European pillar in Luxury hospitality in 2020.

As the newest addition to Madrid’s luxury hotel scene, it boasts 200 opulent rooms and suites, marking it as one of the most significant and extravagant accommodations in Madrid’s history.

It’s only fitting that this emblem of Spanish luxury is orchestrated by another acclaimed Spanish icon, Chef Dani García takes the helm at Dani, infusing his Michelin-starred expertise into every dish. From his humble beginnings at Malaga’s La Cónsula catering school to the pinnacle of gastronomic success with three Michelin stars, Chef García’s culinary journey is as illustrious as it is inspiring. Within the Brasserie type setting, he proposes his expertly composed Spanish dishes some of which earned his stars, alongside various spanish and international offerings,  to be enjoyed with the  breathtaking rooftop vistas as it sits like a crown jewel atop the hotel.

While Asian-Mediterranean flavours are on the playlist at Isa, the hotel’s modern cocktail bar and restaurant, offering a sensory journey with cross Japanese-Spanish notes in the sultry decor and deep taste cocktails. Award winning mixologist Miguel Pérez guides patrons through the variety of smooth and sophisticated offerings that perfectly complement the Asian-Mediterranean fusion cuisine.

Luxury wellness is abundant at the four-level Wellness Centre, complete with a sun-drenched pool terrace, offering a sanctuary of rejuvenation amidst the bustling cityscape. With a 180° city view from the pool, the contrast that creates complete relaxation when combined with a full vision of the bustling city, only adding to the feeling of supreme luxury. 

Nitro tomato with green gazpacho and raw quisquillas
Red tuna “descargamento” with yellow bell peppers, lime and black olive.

The Four Seasons Hotel Madrid effortlessly combines the splendour of its rich history with seamless modernity, epitomising a sophisticated fusion of the past and present. Situated in the bustling heart of the capital, just moments away from the iconic Puerta del Sol, this esteemed hotel occupies seven meticulously renovated historic structures, uniting to create a singular, vibrant destination.

Emblematic Object: As a guest of Four Seasons Hotel Madrid, you’ll be able to view some of the nearly 1,500 art pieces located in our public areas balancing historical classics and contemporary originals by emerging Spanish artists

Optimal Timing: Best enjoyed during the springtime months of the year, to enjoy the long evenings, allowing one to take in the views of at Dani or with an end of day swim.

Outstanding Space:  The aesthetic of Isa is not easily surpassed in Europe, be in for a cinematic moment, with a supreme cocktail. 

Best Enjoyed With: A special someone who likes a little luxury fiesta. An oasis of fun, beauty and cool, for the mind, body and soul. 

Otoro nigiri brushed with Hibiki whisky and caviar at Isa bar
Isa bar
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