Dec 31, '17

Happy 2018!

Tea ceremony

I asked some of the most travelled diners, bloggers and journalists which trends in gastronomy and food should stay and which ones should go in 2018. Here are some of the most interesting and popular answers… Happy New Year. 🙂

Trends that should stay in 2018 (in random order)

  • Classic techniques, well made jus, pâté en croûte…
  • Equality in the kitchen.
  • More sustainability and less waste.
  • Chefs more present in the kitchen.
  • More tableside cooking and carving.
  • Back to basics: more local,traditional,simple,seasonal,balanced.
  • More plants, less meat and dairy.
  • More appreciation of home cooking.
  • Traditional porcelain and pottery.
  • More focus on educating children about food.

Trends that should go away…

  • Emphasis on “Instagram” friendly presentation over flavor.
  • Meals that last longer than 3 hours and endless small bites.
  • Tasting menus with no à la carte options.
  • Avocados, micro herbs and flowers even in winter.
  • Wait until everyone has taken their photos.
  • Too many lists/awards.
  • Giving back Michelin stars.
  • Celebrity chefs opening restaurants everywhere without spending much time to train the kitchen staff.
  • Adding whatever quality caviar just to make dishes look more luxurious.
  • Natural wine without offering other options.
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