May 27, '06

Lupa, New York

Lupa , New York

I knew Lupa (Italian-roman) restaurant quite long time ago (i discovered it just passing by), but only now I found out that it’s the restaurant of Mario Batali, “one of the most recognizable chefs in America”. Despite the celebrity chef, the restaurant is very homey and trattoria like. The menu is rustic and simple, but that what makes Lupa so good and popular. If you don’t want to try their excellent “carne”, go for the flavorous escarole, walnuts, pecorino and red onion salad. After you can have the hearty pastas, saltimbocca or “pork shoulder with rose petal glassato” as well as the market fish which I usually take.

The prices are very very reasonable ($60 for two if you take no wine) and service is always warm and very professional.

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