Feb 26, '07

Lupa, New York

Simplicity and authenticity is the secret ingredient in Italian cooking and Mario Batali knows that. The famous Babbo and it’s little sister Lupa are the restaurants that every good food lover should try. The Italian cuisine made my Mario is something totally different and unique.

As I’ve said, simplicity is the key in Italian cooking and the prove is Del Posto, the venture of the same Mario Batali, which is one step too far. To be frank, I don’t think that Italian cuisine and high gastronomy go together. But, well, it’s just my opinion.

Back to Lupa, I had there my lunch yesterday and it was simply delicious. The trattoria is not quite Italian, but Roman which makes it really unique in New York. And the main reason why you keep returning to Lupa is not even the originality of the dishes but the freshest products… In the images…

“Escarole, Walnuts, Red Onion and Pecorino” salad. Wonderful, full of tastes…
“Market Fish with Fregula and Mushrooms”. Very fresh fish and comfort food at the same time.

“Pork Shoulder with Rose Petal Glassato”. My favourite and it tastes better than it looks! The braised pork perfectly marries with sweet rose petal glassato and it is almost falling apart. The only thing I didn’t like this time was the warm (?) cucumbers served as a side dish.

Pork shoulder
“Pork Shoulder with Rose Petal Glassato”
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