Oct 17, '09

Luscious sukiyaki at Yoshihashi


I loved sukiyaki at Michelin starred Yoshihasi (1-5-25 Moto-Akasaka, tel. 03-3401-3129) not only because the wagyu beef was mouth-watering, but also because the place was so beautiful and serene. Yoshihashi is a traditional minimalistic restaurant with zen garden behind a window. When you come to the place you have to take away your shoes off and all the waiters are exclusively women in kimonos.

The beef used in Yoshihashi must have definitely A grade as you can see it is very marbled.


Other ingredients of sukiyaki (such as tofu, mushrooms and onions) were soon brought to the table.

ingredients of sukiyaki
Ingredients of sukiyaki

Then the lady prepared the egg sauce- the egg white was beaten with chopsticks, while the yolk underneath was left untouched.

egg sauce
Egg sauce

Shortly, she started searing the slices of beef together with sweet soy sauce.


The combination of the sauce and the fat of the beef made all melting in your mouth.


You could eat the meat with the egg sauce ( I preferred without), but the vegetables and tofu that were seared later fitted with the raw egg quite well.


In the end, jelly noodles sauted in the same soy sauce were served.


Loved, loved , loved the sukiyaki dinner!

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