Oct 25, '06

Michelin New York 2007


The Michelin New York 2007  has a few changes. Or, more, likely, it has fixed some  “unreal ratings” it has done the last year trying to please the New Yorkers.
As I have already written about the overrated restaurants by Michelin New York 2006, i think the 2007 edition is more reasonable, even if there are still many restaurants overrated.  I  really don’t understand how Le Bernardin can have 3 stars again. Yes, the French school service is impeccable, but that’s all about it. The cooking is not creative and rather “factory” like.

Speaking about the rest, I love Danube, but I think it is correct that it was downgraded to only one star. Instead, another Mario Batali’s venture Del Posto got its second star. I have to check this one out :).

What surprises me most is the amount of restaurants that are awarded with one star. I counted 32! I think that it is much more than in Paris where the cooking is uncomparably more creative and have deeper gastronomic traditions.  I will not draw conclusions out of that, but I think the Guide Rouge has still lots of work to do in NYC!

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