Jan 12, '23

My 20 Best Dishes in 2022

Aiste Miseviciute

My very belated annual 20 best dishes list in 2022. Happy, healthy and successful 23 to all of you!

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Cod with vin jaune, truffle and caviar at Restaurant Jordnaer, Copenhagen
Mandu of Fjord shrimps, spicy Korean peppers at Koan in Copenhagen, which is reopening this year at a new location.
(I really admire what Kristian Baumann does!)
Bread pancake “Bianchetto” with buttermilk, wild onions & smoked aged cheese at Geranium, Copenhagen.
Geranium would also be a clear winner for the intricate presentation of the dishes.
Mantis shrimp crudo at All’Arco Venezia cicchetti bar in Venice.
First morrels and first asparagus with beurre blanc and yellow Jura wine sauce at “Le Salon” of Le Bon Georges bistro in Paris
Solid bubbles of smoked butter with sea urchin at Disfrutar, Barcelona
The extraordinary 73 month aged prosciutto from the black Mora pigs at Amerigo 1934 in Savigno, Italy
Mullet with tomato confit and zucchini at Christrophe Bacquié restaurant in Var, France
(Which is moving to a new location this year.)
Blue lobster with its jus sauce at L’Assiette Champenoise in Reims, France
Roasted pork sandwich at Casa Guedes, Porto
Tomato salad at Narru, San Sebastian
Ligurian scampi at Da Ö Battj in Santa Margherita di Ligure, Italy
Tarte aux clémentines by Alex Croquet in Wattignies, France
Monkfish liver with Nara style pickled melon sushi at Takumi Shingo, Tokyo
Sushi with sea urchin at Sushi Shunji, Tokyo
Otoro sushi at Sushi Arai, Tokyo
Grilled Yonezawa beef and matsutake mushroom rice at Kitcho, Kyoto
Snow crab at Tempura Matsu, Kyoto
Chestnut tempura at Tempura Maehira, Tokyo
Egg sandwich at 7-Eleven convenience stores in Tokyo.
I don’t have its picture, but if it’s on this list, you get an idea how good it is 😉
Truffles and egg
Pan fried egg with white truffle at the house of a truffle hunting family in Monchiero, Italy
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