My first days in Rome

When i asked my Roman friends if they knew any "hidden gems " unknown to the tourists they started laughing,-  " Everywhere there are tourists!". Until this moment i have been to only one restaurant  (two if  you count gelateria )which was touristy.


Cacio e pepe at Trattoria da Gino

And it was Ristorante Matricianella ( Via del Leone, 4, Rome, tel. 066 832100 ). It is on the Slow Food guide, but there were only foreigers that night. Despite of that, the bucatini all'amatriciana was top.


  Pizzeria Gaudi ( Via Ruggero Giovannelli, 5,Rome, tel. 06 8845451 ) is located further from the central tourist attractions and it has maybe 30 types of different pizzas. The pizzas are baked in the open kitchen, there is another one for various grills. I chose pizza Napoletana  -I  just love the saltiness of the anchovies.



Trattoria da Gino ( Vicolo Rosini, 4, Rome, tel. 066 873434 ) is  a family owned trattoria located on a tiny  street close to the Parliament. It is a small  place that was  mainly packed with  Romans working or living around there. Although  some of the dishes on the menu like osso buco were unavailable, i had   wonderful cacio e pepe pasta and stewed salt cod with tomatoes. Simple but very good!



Gelateria Giolitti  ( Via degli Uffici del Vicario, 40, Rome, tel. 066 991243 ) Historical gelateria that attracts and tourists and locals. Maybe more tourists, but, still, worth a visit.


More to come!


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