Apr 23, '07

Pierre Herme macarons news

Just back from the Pierre Herme shop in rue Bonaparte and I could not help but notice (and to buy of course) these seasons macarons novelties.

Finally, the French dessert genius created a macaron inspired by his most popular dessert – Ispahan. As you can see in the image below, its a small copy of the cake, just fresh raspberries are replaced by stewed raspberries (macaron biscuit, litchi “à la rose” cream, stewed raspberries).

I have tried it and to be honest, the original cake is much better. The Ispahan macaron is very sweet and has even artificial taste, which is usually not typical to Pierre Herme.


The other novelty that is available now is Jasmin macaron (macaron biscuit, Jasmin flower cream, jasmine tea). The Jasmin macaron is quite good, even though you can barely feel the jasmine flavour. By the way, it looks very similar to the macarons “à la truffe blanche”  from Herme’s winter collection.


The other new taste macarons that will be available from May 21 are :

  • “Mandarin § Baies Roses” – macaron biscuit, mandarin and rose berries cream.
  • “Carrément Chocolat” – macaron biscuit,extra bitter chocolate ganache, cacao nibs,bitter chocolate jelly.
  • “Satine”- macaron biscuit, cream cheese cream, stewed oranges, and passion fruit.
  • “Céleste”- macaron biscuit, passion fruit cream, stewed rhubarb and strawberries.
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