Rome list

Roscioli – Roman classics and original dishes made with quality ingredients. Recommended dishes: mortadella, Cantabrian anchovies with butter and toast, fresh ricotta, carbonara, rigatoni with yuzu butter and bottarga, rigatoni with butter and Parmigiano. Ask for the French wine list.
Trattoria Da Cesare al Casaletto – out of the way, but one of Rome’s best trattorias. Wine list is keenly priced. Recommended dishes: polpette di bollito, polpette di melanzane, tonnarelli cacio e pepe.
Santo Palato – the new darling on the scene, rightly renowned for serving one of Rome’s best carbonaras. Recommended dishes: frittata with chicken livers, carbonara, rigatoni pajata, daily specials.
Armando al Pantheon – touristy (like most of the places in Rome), but does really good cacio e pepe.
Felice al Testaccio – historic Roman trattoria
Trattoria Al Moro- another historic Roman trattoria
Da Gino al Parlamento- small, old school family owned trattoria near the parliament.
Checchino dal 1887 – known for offal specialities
Osteria Circo – classic Roman osteria
Flavio al Velavevodetto – consistency can be an issue (as in most places), but this is a classic Roman trattoria in a nice setting
Pierluigi – Seafood
Il San Lorenzo – Seafood
Quinzi e Gabrieli – Seafood (crudo is excellent)
Piperno- carciofi alla giudia
Giggetto al Portico d’Ottavia – carciofi alla giudia
180g Pizzeria Romana –  pizza Romana (thin and crispy)
Li Rioni – pizza Romana
Antico Forno Campo dei Fiori – pizza rossa
Antico Forno Roscioli – pizza bianca
Pizzarium/Panificio Bonci – elevated pizza al taglio
Seu Pizza Illuminati – newly opened, very good pizzeria
Fatamorgana – gelato ( Bronte pistachio is a must)
Fassi – gelato
Otaleg – gelato
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