Apr 19, '24

Saddle in Madrid

One of my favorite dining experiences recently was at the one Michelin-starred Saddle in Madrid, which now occupies the former location of the renowned Jockey restaurant. Jockey, a historical landmark in Spain’s gastronomic, political, and cultural scene, operated from 1945 to 2012 under Clolado Cortés, who revolutionized hospitality by prioritizing the diner’s experience. In October 2019, Saddle opened as a tribute to Jockey’s legacy, focusing on French haute cuisine that highlights seasonal ingredients at their prime. Led by chef Pablo Laya, Saddle is dedicated to honouring culinary traditions, especially by showcasing produce when it’s in season.

A very generous portion of Maresme teardrop green peas (gold standard of peas) and Tokaji Oremus wine sabayon
White asparagus from Navarra, sea urchin, smoked egg yolk and vegetables soup
The excellent wine pairing by Patrick Fonsek
Souffé Grand Marnier
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