Jan 4, '06

The Best Indian Restaurant in NY

I love Indian cuisine. I love it so much, that I think I was Indian my last life :). My passion for Indian cuisine started in a restaurant Kirane in Paris which is I think is the best Indian restaurant in the world!

New York has many great Indian restaurants and here are my two favorites:

Tamarind (41-43 E 22nd street)  is by far the best Indian restaurant in NY! Evereything is great there: the food is creative and authentic at the same time; the service is attentive and the decor is modern.A suggestion.If you are kind of person, who decides where to dine out at the last second and just goes without a reservation,become a friend with the restaurant host! From the first glance, he looks strict and serious, but when you eat in Tamarind often,he can even give you a table without reservation( even if the restaurant is full:)). A very nice host!

Tabla (11 Madison Avenue) is in fact two restaurants. The second floor American-Indian cuisine restaurant was quite disappointing. You can see that the chef tries to do “haut cusine”, but  i don’t think he succeeds in the marriage of the Indian and American tastes. On the other hand,the ” Bread Bar”,the cheaper version on the first floor , is really worth a try.The cuisine is authentic and the environment is very cosy even if its always very crowdy.

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