Dec 9, '06

The World’s Most Expensive Fast Food

Fast food

Well, kind of fast food, as when a pizza, a sandwich or a hamburger is stuffed with fresh truffles and foie gras and costs more than €100, you will eat it slowly, right?

Mirror article speaks about outrageously expensive treats such as a box of Creme de la Mer cream for €2.220 (made of daffodil seeds and seaweed) or €1 m pen (featuring more than 1000 diamonds) …

This infernal list also includes such food items as sandwiches or pizzas which are often cheap eats rather than gastronomic food. The catch is that they are all made with the most expensive ingredients. Truffles, foie gras, Wagyu beef… Here are some of them:

€118 Double Truffle Burger by Daniel Boulud served in DB Bistro Moderne, NYC. ( I remember having it a few years ago and, even if truffles can never spoil a dish, I didn’t find the burger any special. As I said before, I think truffles taste the best with neutral flavour dishes. )
€125 Beef sandwich available at Selfridges, made of Wagyu beef.
€150 Pizza topped with shaved white truffles, by Gordon Ramsey.
€ 11 800 Pie by a Burnley-based chef Spencer Burge.

You can see the entire list here . (Image courtesy of

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