Le Duc in Marseille

Aug  14 , '21

Paris’ most legendary seafood restaurant LE DUC and one of my favourite restaurants in the world is back to its roots for the first time and just for one night with an exceptional dinner made from the best local seafood and ingredients at a 19th century villa in Marseille. 


The culinary institution was created by Jean Minchelli in the late 60s, firmly dedicated to the sea and yet drawing attention from the fashionable quarters of Paris. Le Duc is part of the New Wave French Gastronomy, bringing the delights of traditional home cooking into the fine dining sphere. Dominique’s technique is daring in its simplicity, dramatically reducing the amount of sauces and cooking times to gain flavor and lightness. He was a pioneer in raw fish here in France, and this very modern cuisine provides Le Duc with longevity and modernity.

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Head chef of Le Duc Pascal Hélard
Head chef of Le Duc Pascal Hélard

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