Japan in Autumn is a very special experience. The vivid reds and yellows painted the landscape across this beautiful country and everywhere I looked was breath-taking vistas vibrant and evocative colours and textures.

I packed my walking shoes to take part in the time-old tradition of momijigari, which literally translates into “autumn-leaf hunting”. 

This season is great for travelling when the crowds aren’t as big, and the flights aren’t as expensive! 


It was also my first time visiting Hokkaido and it didn’t disappoint. Just under a 2-hour flight from the bustling metropolis of Tokyo and you arrive in this captivating island, surrounded by sea; creating the perfect backdrop for a seafood lovers paradise.

Himeshara, Sapporo

Himeshara Sushi may be situated in an unassuming yet very Japanese street setting, though upon entering you’re immediately transported into the universe of a culinary craftsman. This is one of Sapporo’s favoured sushi restaurants. Headed by Akira Tanaka, a veteran sushi chef and Hokkaido native with over 40 years of experience, Himeshara Sushi is a masterpiece of culinary innovation.


No visit to Hokkaido, northernmost island of Japan, will be complete without trying its famous ramen. 
Miso based, but also soy based. Menya Saimi (麺屋 彩未) is said to be serving one of the best ramen in Sapporo (the capital of Hokkaido) and throughout Japan. The owner is rumoured to have trained for over seven years at the historical Sumire before opening shop on his own. Acclaimed for an overall unique richness, the miso base is charged with discernable garlic aroma and notes from chicken and pork bones. The soup, home to the big, wavy, almost chewy noodles, is adorned with a substantial layer of chashu (braised pork belly). The vegetables include crunchy bean sprouts, spring onion, while the grated ginger that garnishes the dish is shipped from Kochi (at the opposite end of Japan), providing a zesty hit to perfect the complete palette experience.

Yuki’s Kitchen

On my return to London I met with Yuki of Yuki’s Kitchen – Yuki is a Japanese chef, food writer and cookery teacher, and together we made a delicious seafood ramen dish to transport me straight back to the seafood haven in Sapporo.

In the world of ramen, slow-cooked meat and bones typically steal the spotlight however this seafood rendition takes a different approach. Harnessing the rich flavours of fish and seafood, this recipe ensures a hearty bowl without the need for extensive cooking hours required for meat-based broths.

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