Luxeat Insider 3rd edition: Mediterranean

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The Mediterranean, vast blue pool, uniter of diverse peoples and cultures. A sea where the ornate complexity of oriental meets a humble simplicity, and yes they complement each other, pushing their champions to new levels of mixity and delight. The cuisine of this region is the perfect demonstration of this marriage of opposites. Think crisp organic locally grown vegetables, fish, fresh off the boat, cooked and seasoned with traditions that date back to the Phoenicians and the Romans. 

Our Luxeat Mediterranean issue includes conversations with women’s right advocate and Parabere forum founder Maria Canabal, about women and the hospitality industry; our portrait of legendary chef Gerald Passedat following a chat over lunch; an insightful focus on the area’s key 12 products from the renown Borja Matoses;  5 favourite wines from the Spanish coast by sommelier and Ferran Adrià collaborator Bruno Tannino and 5 favourites from Mirazur’s Benoît Huguenin; as well as, my personal French south coast restaurants favorites.

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Maria Canabal

Maria Canabal, cooking up a future for women in hospitality

Championing women’s roles in the culinary world, Maria Canabal occupies many functions. She is a Journalist (at Nouvel Obs, Gourmet, Monocle, amongst other international media), author (Coquilles Saint-Jacques, El Celler de Can Roca: Cocinando un Tributo) and founder of Parabere Forum, the first and most important annual event for women in hospitality. After following and admiring her work for many years, especially concerning women’s rights, I had the opportunity to sit down with her in the old-town of France’s coastal city, Nice, where we chatted while sitting on an edge of a “lavoir”, where women used to do the laundry in historical times. Only Maria could choose such a location!

Portrait of a Mediterranean Chef: Gérald Passedat

Curious, fresh, aligned, not one single adjective can begin to describe the renowned French chef Gérald Passedat. Yet, there is one identity he undeniably embodies, that of Marseille. Born and raised and a third-generation chef of the French Mediterranean city, a place Passedat describes as diverse and creative, words that reflect both his cooking and his character. 

Twelve essential ingredients from the Spanish Mediterranean

The Spanish Mediterranean, spans eight provinces, with a coastline of about 3,000 kilometers that runs from the border with France in the Pyrenees to the Strait of Gibraltar and includes the  Balearic Islands. Although each region has a distinct identity, the gastronomic stables are strong and unifying, recalling and revisiting the tangible elements of the shared culture.

Our 12 Must-Visit Restaurants in the South of France

From fine dining to modest hole-in-the-walls… here it is! Luxeat’s best-eating selection for the South of France.

Five favourite wines from the Spanish Mediterranean coast

5 favourite wines from the Spanish Mediterranean coast

Highly regarded wine writer, penning several awarded articles and co-author of the renowned Sapiens del Vino, Sommelier, Cava trainer, jury member, and all-round wine lover, Bruno Tannino knows wine. And more than just wine he knows Spanish Mediterranean wine; the reason we are so lucky to have his juicy top-five recommendations.

Five favourite wines from the French & Italian Mediterranean coast

5 favourite wines from the French & Italian Mediterranean coast

Well under thirty-years-old, head sommelier at three-MICHELIN-starred restaurant, Mirazur in Menton France, Benoît Huguenin represents a new generation of wine experts. “The first words chef Mauro (yes, he’s referring to chef Mauro Colagreco) said to me were, ‘I don’t want a classic sommelier,’” he tells the Michelin Guide. “He told me, ‘I don’t want a machine. Every guest is special. Every lunch and every dinner is special.’” And that’s exactly what he’s achieved, focused on introducing smaller, boutique producers from around the globe, where possible, biodynamic and natural wines. Especially for Luxeat here are his top-five of the moment from the Mediterranean coast.

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