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Now, more than ever before, we’ve come to recognize the importance of food and eating well. One thing that’s connected millions of people around the world over the last few months is cooking and sourcing ingredients. There are entire lives and thousands of stories dedicated to growing and producing the perfect one. It was natural for me to kick off this newsletter with an exploration of what goes into a perfect ingredient.

This issue’s theme is: Fresh! Dedicated to all ingredients that are crisp, natural, pure, wholesome and colorful.

We take a deep dive into all that is sustainability with the white-house-garden creator Sam Kass; check out the guide to my most recommended London delivery services; get the list of the rosés you should be sipping this season; and ask editor of Gastromondiale, Besim Hatinoglu, about his overarching theory of perfect ingredients.

Over the upcoming editions, I will provide a range of exclusive content such as restaurant recommendations from all around the world, top ingredients, interviews with chefs, insiders, experts… and much more.

Thanks for joining me on this culinary adventure.

Dedicated to my son Ivan.


Sam Kass: Talking about Food & the Future with Sam Kass
Photo by Aubrie Pick

Talking about Food & the Future with Sam Kass

Sam Kass, the man who made The Garden is now making eggs with his small children in a locked-down long island. The news personality, investor, political advisor, executive director of Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! campaign and White House chef, hardly needs an introduction.

White truffles from Alba

A Theory of Ingredients

Musings and hypothetical conversations by Besim Hatinoglu

Aiste Miseviciute and I have something in common: a fascination with gastronomy first piqued more than a decade ago by Vedat Milor and Mikael Jonsson’s unequalled blog, Gastroville. The whole website was testimony to the widely acknowledged idea that a good dish starts with good ingredients. Despite trends at the time, Gastroville also included harsh criticism of modernist restaurants.

Matthiasson Rosé

The 5 Best Rosé Wines of 2020

The days are getting warmer. Flowers have started blooming. Summer is just around the corner. Yes, it’s Rosé season!

The perfect companion for salads, fruit and seafood, Rosé is also the ideal companion for relaxing in your own backyard during these… interesting times.

Check out this exclusive top-five list of rosé wines from around the world compiled by Senior Wine Specialist, Christy Erickson, who currently holds the title Head of Europe at renowned rare wine auction house, Zachys.

Aiste Miseviciute - Luxeat

Luxeat London Delivery and Takeaway List

While these days dining out is not an option, here are some of my favourite restaurants in London which offer delivery or takeaway.

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