I am delighted to share The Artisans’ Box Christmas edition highlighting some of the best artisanal and rare ingredients I’ve ever discovered. 

From traditional Sicilian panettone to award-winning olive oil, the limited edition box is available for pre-order only and will be shipped in December. 

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Some of the ingredients in The Artisans’ Box Christmas edition…

Classic panettone by Vincente Delicacies, enhanced with dried raisins and candied oranges to give it a sweet but citrusy flavour, reminiscent of Christmas. Vincente Delicacies, an artisan pastry laboratory based in Bronte, is a place of traditional Italian craftsmanship, still using the same Sicilian recipes that have been handed-down over generations for centuries.

Truly one-of-a-kind coffee by Difference Coffee. Produced in a limited amount of less than 700 boxes, Esmeralda Geisha Washed is a special Arabica that originates from the warm climes of Panama. Difference Coffee’s long standing relationship with one of Panama’s best producers has enabled them to acquire this rare bean, which creates a juicy flavour, with the sweetness of apricot and a citrusy aftertaste.

Beautifully crafted artisanal chocolate with Chipotle Chile and caramel nuggets by Mexican “bean-to-bar” chocolate maker Xocao.  From chipotle and chilli to coconut sugar, its founder Victoria Espinosa uses the flavours of South America to create unique bars that reposition the perception of Mexican chocolate worldwide. 

Some delicious olive oil by Oliv&sens, the gold medal winner at the Japan Olive Oil Prize in 2022. Golden and sweet, this olive oil promises all that you would expect from the very best of French produce and more. Since their inception, the Oliv&sens oils have been appreciated and recognised by culinary masters and Michelin-starred chefs for their exceptional aromas.

Known frequently as the Cantabrian umami or ‘the fifth flavour’, Conservas El Capricho has crystallised the most intense and rich aromas to create an amber coloured liquid: SalMŭria. Inspired by Garum – the condiment that ancient Romans couldn’t live without – this sauce is made by ripening anchovies in salt.

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Christmas Edition – Full Set

Christmas Edition – Smal Set

And one more thing, our shop now offers the Piedmont White Truffles – Tuber Magnatum Pico – straight from the north of Italy. Grown at the roots of oak, poplar and other trees, the truffles are hunted by trifolau and their expertly trained dogs in the early hours of the morning. They can be delivered fresh just 24 hours after they’ve been harvested, giving our valued readers and dedicated food lovers an exclusive inside track to this rare and prized product.