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10 product “temples” in Spain

10 product “temples” in Spain worth a special trip or at least a detour.
In random order.

Aiste Miseviciure

1. Elkano – no one outsources and grills turbot as precisely as Aitor Arregi and his grill masters. if I had to choose only one seafood-focused restaurant in Spain, it would be certainly it.


2. Casa Julian, unassuming humble restaurant half an hour drive from San Sebastian, specializing in beef and grilling it to perfection.

3. Etxebarri– exceptional products focused asador located in the mysterious Atxondo valley, where Bittor Arguinzoniz creates magic just with his hands and fire.


4. D’ Berto – happy to have finally made it this Galician seafood temple, which was definitely worth that special trip.

Fish at D' Berto
D’ Berto

5. Sunset on playa de Vega, home for another simple yet exquisite seafood asador I loved, Güeyu Mar.

6. El Capricho, known for extreme beef ageing and some of the best steak in Spain.

El Capricho
El Capricho

7. Like most of the “product temples” above, El Campero specializes in only one product, tuna, and cooking it really well. Slightly grilled Almadraba tuna collar in the picture.

Tuna at El Campero

8. Cataria in Novo Sancti Petri, sister restaurant of Elkano works with best produce from the Andalusian seas. Slowly grilled John Dory could easily compare to the legendary turbot up North at Elkano.

9. Los Marinos José – seafood paradise next to Málaga.

Los Marinos José

10. El Faralló – institution near Denia town, known for gamba roja, which they buy directly from the fishermen on the port of Denia. Their “arroz a banda” is must order too.

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