Mar 30, '13

50 best restaurants in Tokyo by Tabelog

Click here for the updated list (21/08/13)
Here is a list of 50 best restaurants in Tokyo (as of today, 30th of March , 2013) according to users (an influential Japanese restaurants site). 19/50 of the restaurants are overlapping with Michelin selection, while the rest are not mentioned on the guide.(I read somewhere that Kyo Aji chef refused to be in the red book.) Finally I think Michelin Tokyo is not that bad, considering that many of the places listed on Michelin are on the higher end , while on you will also find cheaper and more “every day ” places.What is great about  though is that it’s recommendations are very local as it’s users are mainly Japanese or foreigners fluent in Japanese…
P.S. Please correct me if I am wrong in translating the restaurants’ names!
The full English online version of Michelin Japan 2013 can be found here
1. L’Equateur (French)
2. Den (modern kaiseki,2*)
3. Kyo Aji (kaiseki)
4. Chez Inno (French)
5. Takajo Kotobuki (game)
6. Quintessence (modern French/kaiseki,3*)
7. Apicius (French)
8. La Tour D’Argent (French)
9. Restaurant Bacar (French)
10. Ishikawa (creative kaiseki,3*)
11. Matsukawa (kaiseki)
12. Kawamura (steakhouse)
13. Joel Robuchon (French)
14. Florilege (French)
15. Saito (sushi,3*)
16. Fukuji (fugu)
17. Kurogi (Japanese)
18. Les Saisons (French,1*)
19. Aimee Vibert (French,1*)
20. Sancular Bar
21. Hashiguchi (sushi)
22. Yotsuha (kaiseki)
23. Ichikawa (sushi,1*)
24. Miyako ( sushi)
25. L’Effervesence (French,1*)
26. Crescent (French,2*)
27. Torishiki (yakitori,1*)
28. Kadowaki (kaiseki,2*)
29. Chawanbu (kaiseki)
30. Teika Daipaiton (Chinese)
31. Yakiniku Jambo (yakiniku)
32. Morikawa (kaiseki)
33.  Il Teatrino da Salone (Italian)
34. Sawada (sushi,2*) (
35. Sushi Ono (sushi)
36. Shinbashi Hoshino (kaiseki,1*)
37. Sakura Nabe (horsemeat)
38. Shichirin ( yakiniku)
39. Kohaku (modern Japanese,2*)
40. Bingo
41. Sanchakuya Taka
42. 81
43. Côte d’Or (French,1*)
44. Ristorante Aso (Italian)
45. Gorio (steakhouse,1*)
46. Virbius (French)
47. Ginza Okamoto (kaiseki,2*)
48. Garyuu (sushi)
49. Hommage ( French,1*)
50. Kabuto (unagi)

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