Mar 30, '13

50 best restaurants in Tokyo by Tabelog


Click here for the updated list (21/08/13)

Here is a list of 50 best restaurants in Tokyo (as of today, 30th of March, 2013) according to users (an influential Japanese restaurants site). 19/50 of the restaurants are overlapping with Michelin selection, while the rest are not mentioned on the guide. (I read somewhere that Kyo Aji chef refused to be in the red book.) Finally, I think Michelin Tokyo is not that bad, considering that many of the places listed on Michelin are on the higher end, while on you will also find cheaper and more “everyday” places. What is great about though is that its recommendations are very local as it’s users are mainly Japanese or foreigners fluent in Japanese…

P.S. Please correct me if I am wrong in translating the restaurants’ names!
The full English online version of Michelin Japan 2013 can be found here

1. L’Equateur (French)
2. Den (modern kaiseki,2*)
3. Kyo Aji (kaiseki)
4. Chez Inno (French)
5. Takajo Kotobuki (game)
6. Quintessence (modern French/kaiseki, 3*)
7. Apicius (French)
8. La Tour D’Argent (French)
9. Restaurant Bacar (French)
10. Ishikawa (creative kaiseki,3*)
11. Matsukawa (kaiseki)
12. Kawamura (steakhouse)
13. Joel Robuchon (French)
14. Florilege (French)
15. Saito (sushi,3*)
16. Fukuji (fugu)
17. Kurogi (Japanese)
18. Les Saisons (French,1*)
19. Aimee Vibert (French,1*)
20. Sancular Bar
21. Hashiguchi (sushi)
22. Yotsuha (kaiseki)
23. Ichikawa (sushi,1*)
24. Miyako ( sushi)
25. L’Effervesence (French,1*)
26. Crescent (French,2*)
27. Torishiki (yakitori,1*)
28. Kadowaki (kaiseki,2*)
29. Chawanbu (kaiseki)
30. Teika Daipaiton (Chinese)
31. Yakiniku Jambo (yakiniku)
32. Morikawa (kaiseki)
33.  Il Teatrino da Salone (Italian)
34. Sawada (sushi,2*)
35. Sushi Ono (sushi)
36. Shinbashi Hoshino (kaiseki,1*)
37. Sakura Nabe (horsemeat)
38. Shichirin (yakiniku)
39. Kohaku (modern Japanese,2*)
40. Bingo
41. Sanchakuya Taka
42. 81
43. Côte d’Or (French,1*)
44. Ristorante Aso (Italian)
45. Gorio (steakhouse,1*)
46. Virbius (French)
47. Ginza Okamoto (kaiseki,2*)
48. Garyuu (sushi)
49. Hommage ( French,1*)
50. Kabuto (unagi)

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