Oct 24, '23

A Taste of Kyoto in Paris: The Culinary Heritage of Cha Kaiseki Akiyoshi

When you dine at Cha Kaiseki Akiyoshi in Paris, you are not only experiencing a world-class kaiseki meal but also a piece of Kyoto’s rich culinary history. This prestigious restaurant is the brainchild of Chef Yuichiro Akiyoshi, who brings with him a decade of training and expertise from Kyoto’s renowned Hyotei.

Hyotei, a restaurant with over four centuries of history, is revered for its traditional approach to Japanese cuisine. Chef Akiyoshi spent a significant portion of his career under the tutelage of Eiichi Takahashi, the former head of Hyotei and a true master of kaiseki cuisine. This legacy of knowledge and skill has been passed down for generations, with the current chef-owner, Yoshihiro Takahashi, continuing the tradition.

The very gracious hostess (and Yuichiro’s san wife) Misuzu Akiyoshi
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