Mar 30, '14

That bread…


When Hedone’s chef Mikael Jonsson decided to bake his own bread, he didn’t just improvise, instead, the ingredients quality-obsessed chef did his bread baking training at Alex Croquet boulangerie in Wattignies, France. Michelin has described Alex Croquet as a bread-making genius, whose approach to baking is almost scientific. (Read the full article here.) It’s not only about the perfect flour, water, salt and leaven, but also the know-how and techniques, that Mikael Jonsson has learned from Alex Croquet.


Mikael Jonsson’s bread production is still very boutique-like (actually it is baked at the basement of the restaurant on Chiswick High Road), but is already served not only at Hedone , but also at Antidote restaurant in London, and, I heard Michael mentioning his future expansion plans.
Bread and butter is something I probably couldn’t live without and eating the bread by Mikael Jonsson is a real pleasure. It is light and airy, crispy on the outside and chewy inside, with a mild and delicate taste of leaven. Some of the best bread I’ve ever had.

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