Comerç 24 ( Barcelona)


One word could describe Comerç 24 (C/ Comerç, 2408003 Barcelona, Spain 933 192 102) – "overhyped".The dishes sounded better on the menu ("pizza-sashimi") than they were in reality and even if i really enjoyed some dishes like tuna tartare,some were disappointing. I don't say that the dinner at Comerç 24 was bad but it didn't live to it's avant-garde image neither.

P.S. As in Inopia and Cal Pep most of the clients that night were foreigners. It didn't bother me at all( again, i was a foreigner!), but makes me wonder why all these places are not so popular among the local people?

4 different kinds of olive oil served with bread


Olives with anchovies and macadamia nuts dipped in gold powder (I forgot what exactly was in the second picture..)



Pizza- sashimi– tuna sashimi on a cracker . Where was the pizza? I think that "open sandwich"( or something like this) would be a more correct name.


Beach shrimp ceviche with wine peach – the dish had little in common with it's name. Raw shrimps with some sorbet on the side. Or maybe it was a "deconstructed" ceviche? I don't know..


Tuna tartare– you can see all the ingredients in the picture. Interesting imitation (the egg yolk) of the classical beef tartare.. Delicious


Artichoke,cod and spinach. The dish of my friend- she said it was very good. The artichoke was in a form of ice cream, served as a side dish.



Nougat with tuille cigar, chocolate and coffee


Bread, oil,chocolate and salt.. The dessert was literally made of grilled bread, chocolate , salt and olive oil…


Some images from the restaurant…



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