Jun 25, '17

Els Casals

Apart from few exceptions (which are really worth a special trip), I usually prefer casual restaurants to fine dining in Spain. First, because Spain has really the best seafood, meat and some other produce in Europe and usually Spanish chefs and cooks respect those ingredients (Etxebarri and Elkano are the temples for this type of cooking); second, because most of the über fine dining restaurants I’ve been in Spain are either very classic (in old fashion kind of way) and French or too avant-garde to be enjoyable; third, because I don’t want to sit for hours and hours at one restaurant anymore, eat dozens of bite-size dishes and then next day forget most of the food I had there. (Not only in Spain- everywhere..) Els Casals is one of the restaurants I’ve really enjoyed recently. It is a farmhouse over an hour drive from Barcelona and most of the ingredients come from the estate. This was sobrassada sausage with honeycomb and pan con tomate.

sobrassada sausage with honeycomb and pan con tomate
Sobrassada sausage with honeycomb and pan con tomate
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