Espai Kru by Rías de Galicia

Espai Kru, located on the second floor of Rías de Galicia is its sister restaurant serving mainly raw, but also cooked Japanese influenced dishes. Outcourcing top notch ingredients is the crucial aspect of running a successful seafood restaurant and I must say, Espai Kru is doing a very good job. The quality of the products (at least when I was there) was outstanding. Most of the ingredients used at Espai Kru are coming from the Iberian peninsula, such as “Balfego” tuna belly, oysters from Galicia, Spanish marbled beef or Iberico ham, etc.

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Espai Kru: Carrer de Lleida, 7, 08004 Barcelona, Spain; tel. +34 934 23 45 70

Incredible tomato tartare
Low temperature cooked egg with mashed potatoes and caviar (from Rias de Galicia menu)
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