Jun 26, '19

Favourite burgers in London

According to my Instagram followers, their favourite burgers in London are Bleecker (in Victoria) followed by Patty and Bun, Dirty Burger and Tommi’s burger. My favourite at the moment is probably “Bacon Butter Burger” at Burger and Beyond (in Shoreditch) as my other favourite at The Little Social is sadly there no more. Other noteworthy mentionings- Honest Burger, The Big Matt at Hawksmoor, Bar Boulud, Electric Diner in Notting Hill, The Dexter Cheeseburger at The Compton Arms, Burger Bear; some of you mentioned Five Guys as well, which can be ok sometimes…

"Bacon Butter Burger" at Burger and Beyond
“Bacon Butter Burger” at Burger and Beyond
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