Oct 21, '14

That magic box at Harutaka


It might sound ironic, but the most expensive part of bluefin tuna, nowadays served at the best sushi restaurants in Tokyo, New York of Los Angeles, was not considered valuable at all by the general Japanese population 50 or so years ago. According to Trevor Carson, the author of  “The story of sushi: an unlikely saga of raw fish and rice”, otoro, or the fattiest part of the fish, was usually thrown away or given to cats. It’s not until Japanese airline cargo executives started promoting tuna in order to fill their planes up on the flights from East Coast US cities back to Tokyo, tuna became a pricey delicacy.

Maguro, chutoro and otoro box at Harutaka : 3F, Ginza Kawabata Bldg, 8-5-8 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

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