Mar 25, '14

Kunitoraya – oishii !

If you have ever passed by rue Saint-Anne in Paris, you must have certainly seen people queuing outside the Kunitoraya udon noodles shop. Since a while already, the queuing and waiting no matter the meteorological conditions, has moved to the neighboring rue Villedo, where there are now two Kunitorayas, at number one (modern and bright with an open kitchen) and at number five (traditional Parisian  space turned into an udon noodles shop during the day and gastronomic, tasting menu only restaurant at night).  Apart of the home made udon noodles, here you can also have other Japanese casual food like tempura, onigiris and tonkatsu…
Kunitoraya : 1 Rue Villedo, 75001 Paris, tel. 01 47 03 33 65 (doesn’t take reservations);
Kunitoraya 2  5 Rue Villedo, 75001 Paris, 01 47 03 07 74

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