Dec 6, '07

Kurumazushi vs Sushi Yasuda

The fatty tuna in Kurumazushi
The fatty tuna in Kurumazushi was divine, the best I had in NY

Without any question, these two Japanese restaurants serve the best sushi you can get in New York. Kurumazushi ( 7 E. 47th St) and Sushi Yasuda are similar in the way, that they are both very traditional (Kurumazushi even more) and the fish quality is outstanding. There are some aspects though that make Kurumazushi and Sushi Yasuda different experiences. Like…

… the interior design and location. Kurumazushi is located in a not so glamourous Midtown area. Its interior is traditional Japanese and even kitchy (tv that was on and tacky Christmas decorations). While light wood is dominating the very modern and very minimalistic ambience of Sushi Yasuda.

… the choice of the fish. Both of them serve top-notch fish, but Sushi Yasuda offers more choices. The oysters sashimi sprinkled with lemon juice and “gros sel” is extraordinary.

…the quality of the fish. The fatty tuna was better in Kurumazushi. The toro was so fatty that its texture was marble-like.

…the rice. Some connoisseurs say that the rice is better in Kurumazushi and I must agree with that. I had the impression that the rice in Kurumazushi was cooked on the fly as it was still warm and al dente.

the prices are not dramatically different, but Kurumazushi is more expensive.

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