Oct 25, '07

Le Temps au Temps…

Le Temps au Temps

Yesterday I had lunch in the most gastronomic street in Paris. Rue Paul Bert is the home of three famous and highly praised Parisian restaurants. The number 13 – Le Temps au Temps (01 43 79 63 40), number 15 – Unico and number 18 – Le Bistro Paul Bert.

Le Temps au Temps is a really tiny place. So small that you will be obliged to almost share your table with strangers, whether you like them or not. But the food represents all the best what can be called “Creative French bistro”. Or as the owners call ” cuisine recréative” (recreational cusine). Indeed, the people who were eating there were not in a hurry- enjoying the food, the wine and simply  “recreating”.

The menu costs only 30 euros and you can have two dishes and a dessert. The entrées included such as “crispy veal tongue, foie gras vinaigrette” “cream of Jerusalem artichoke, pork “confit” ” or “sardines marinated in red wine, passion fruit juice and pickles”. I took “scallops carpaccio with mango” (and there was also smth I don’t remember…) The scallops texture could have been more firm, but the overall marriage of tastes was excellent.

scallops carpaccio with mango
Scallops carpaccio with mango

Then came a dish that I will probably remember all my life. The most basic ingredients, potatoes and meat, prepared by the hands of a master. “Beef cheeks confit with potato “puree maison” “. Delicious.

Beef cheeks confit with potato “puree maison”

The other main courses included “risotto with sepia ink and clams”, “Big Ibaiona pork entrecôte, apple confites” or “Cod fillet with vanille, tomatoes confites with basil”.

For the dessert, I had “tarte au citron, verbena meringue”.Good, but very acid. Other desserts –  “Chocolate ganache and blueberry granite “, “rice pudding with salted butter caramel”  and ” Saint Nectaire cheese, fig compote”…

tarte au citron, verbena meringue
Tarte au citron, verbena meringue
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