May 5, '06

Miramar (Bouillabaisse) , Marseille

Bouillabaisse is a Provencal fish stew made of Mediterranean fish, tomatoes, herbs and saffron.

Obviously, Marseille is THE PLACE to eat this hearty Provencal speciality. If you want to have a more relaxed dinner rather than having a dinner “under stars” in the romantic  La Petit Nice Passedat (2 stars Michelin restaurant on a beautiful cliff, where I ate my first bouillabaisse ever ! 🙂 ), I would definitely recommend Miramar restaurant in front of “Vieux Port” of Marseille.

The Bouillabaise can’t be more authentic than in Miramar (well, as good as “Tetou”) and it’s simply delicious. (What you can expect from people who even have the domain name of “”? 🙂 )

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