Dec 18, '23

My 20 Best Dishes in 2023

Like every year since 2013, I select 20 of my favourite dishes of the year. Here is my annual 20 best dishes list in 2023. Happy, healthy and successful 2024 to all of you!

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Vol-au-vent with chicken, veal, veal kidney and crayfish at La Ferme De La Ruchotte Carole Et Fred, Burgundy
Raw baby Paris mushrooms with hake pilpil at Bagá in Jaén, Spain
Quisquillas at Bar FM in Granada, Spain
Fermented Roscoff onion, pickled apples, onion tuille at Rote Wand Chef’s Table in Lech, Austria
Otoro, soy cured egg yolk and winter truffle ar Roketsu, London
Smoked wild trout from the Vercors massif with caviar and cream at Le Salon of Le Bon Georges bistro in Paris
Mykonian dried octopus with giant butter beans, taramasalata and smoked eggplant at Kalesma hotel in Mykonos, Greece
Heirloom tomato tart with garden basil and burrata at Sèzanne, Tokyo
Pizza with zucchini at The Pizza Bar on 38th, at Mandarin Oriental in Tokyo
Red mullet “petit bateau” in the first picture with pimento sauce, pockled cherry tomato, zucchini flower and eggplant at Tantris Maison Culinaire, Munich
Steamed wonton, half of it filled with duck liver, another- with langoustines, vin jaune & duck essence sauces at JAN, Munich
Loup Lucie Passedat at Le Petit Nice Passédat, Marseille
Tomato tart with marinated sardine at Le Doyenné in Saint-Vrain, France
Pork short rib with Wagyu Kagoshima A5 with Szechuan oil and black garlic at Hertog Jan, Antwerp
Tourte with veal from Corrèze and girolles at Bozar, Brussels
Mackerel from Brittany was steamed and served with bottarga, sea urchin and samphire at La Réserve, Paris
Sensazione di Costiera (fried pizza): Dehydrated garlic, Ramato tomatoes, chili pepper, Cetara anchovies, parsley, lemon zest at Pepe in Grani, Caiazzo, Italy
Pork dumpling at Kotaro izakaya, Tokyo
Botan ebi with its head juice and eggs at Himeshara sushi in Sapporo, Japan
Boiled, smoked and grilled on binchotan potato at Kounrysui in Niseko, Japan
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